Monday, July 4, 2011

Mini Food Review: Jikos

Tibs Watt in Pannekoeke - Braised Beef rolled in "Crepes" with Peppadew-Olive Tapenade $9.00

Sadly, someone dropped the ball on this dish. What had the potential to be a a flavor-packed dish, turned out to be a very long-winded way of saying "eh". Let's start with the crepe. It was a basic savory crepe-which is basically a sweet crepe minus the sugar. It was texturally fine, but in my opinion would have benefited greatly from the addition of some savory herbs such as lemon thyme or even a touch of cinnamon. The beef was braised in a mild tasting braising liquid that did have a very mild hint of cinnamon, but that's as exciting as it got. Perhaps a touch of wine or masala could have given the beef a bit more personality. The last component of the dish was an olive-pepperadew tapenade. This actually was the most flavorful part of the appetizer. The sour from the olives & the  piquant tang & slight heat from the pepperadew worked well together. But you cannot depend on the garnish to carry the dish. If the main taste I was after was the tapenade-I would have order the Naan & dip appetizer. I was looking for some more from this appetizer and never got it.

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