Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini Food Review: Coral Reef's Creamy Lobster Soup

Creamy Lobster Soup with Tarragon and Brandy 

I love this soup so much, I make it at home. Let me start by saying, I really am not a bisque fan. Any kind of bisque. But this soup is so stinking good it totally converted me. The creamy lobster bisque lives up to it's name with a silky, smooth base that has just the right amount of cream, setting it apart from a chowder with it's traditional milkiness. The flavor is full & rich and takes up residence in your entire mouth. While the flavor of lobster is present, it work in symphony with the other flavors and is not overbearing or fishy. It also has a fresh lobster taste verses some lobster dishes that have an obviously enhanced fake lobster flavor. The pieces of lobster in the soup are sweet, tender and have the slight brine flavor of the ocean. The use of brandy is really a brilliant choice as brandy lends a slightly sweet flavor to the dish. The brandy acts as a supporting role instead of yelling "HEY look at me" the way other liquors tend to do. And finally the tarragon lends a distinct flavor to the soup, without turning you off. You will find yourself trying to identify what it is, because it's not an herb people are overly familiar with, but it blend seamlessly. Overall, if you love lobster, this soup is not to be missed. My opinion is that it is the incarnation of Lobster Bisque, of all the WDW properties that make it. 
*If you'd like to try making this dish at home, check under recipes for the full recipe and instructions on how to make it.

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