Me? Well, I'm a chick who has a wonderful family, great group of friends and deep love for food, travel & Disney. I believe that there is true happiness to be found in being with friends & family. For me a shared meal, or a family trip are the moments that keep us sane. They are the moments that get us through the craziness the world likes to send our way.

I started a business that lends itself to my love of travel and my somewhat irrational devotion to Disney. I am the owner of Snapshot Getaways and I've been pretty fortunate that my work has allowed me indulge in my passions. So I decided to do something I have been threatening to do for a long time. I started this blog as an extension, expression let's be honest-an advertisement-for the things I love-family & friends, food & cooking, Disney & travel. That's me and that's my blog-I hope you enjoy it.