Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Disney Rumors, Speculation & Wishes for 2012 & Beyond

When you're a company that loves to reinvent yourself, as much as Disney-one thing you can count on is rumors & speculation. And right now-they are a flying. The expansion of Fantasyland in Disney World, the opening of Cars Land in Disney's California Adventure, the on again, off again rumors of Avatar Land-all got me thinking about what changes I would like to see it Disney parks. For me, "my" park is Disney World and with all the room down there-anything is possible. So I guess I am gonna start some rumors of my own. But be warned-very little of this has to do with any sort of facts, inside info or even common sense. It's simply things I have heard and even more so-things I would love to hear are happening.

Magic Kingdom
The Fantasyland expansion at the Magic Kingdom, has been the biggest source of speculation of course. First if it would happen, then what the changes would be, and now even the completion and success of the whole thing. Now let's be real-of course they will finish it-but will the finished product have all it was projected to have? The 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride is giving the Disney imagineers a lot of trouble. The design of the mine car, that guests will be riding in, is causing the glitch. Apparently it dumps you out lol. There are rumors that it's completion date is being pushed back-way back, possibly to 2014. And there are even rumors it might be scraped altogether. If that happens-then what will fill that space? Please don't let it be another Meet & Greet. I am torn about this one-while it would be nice to have a slightly more exciting ride added, Fantasyland was always little kids realm. Perhaps the imagineers need to sacrifice on the movement and just make it visually engaging and call it a day?

Here's what I'd like to see happen in the Magic Kingdom-again, pure wish & whimsy here folks:

* Tom Sawyers Island revamp. Make it more interactive, just like they are doing with certain lines, like the Haunted Mansion new interactive line.

* Revamp/re-use of the Liberty Belle River boat. Perhaps something to do with the Princess & the Frog? I would even love to see something along the lines of the old Empress Lily dining location. Anyone remember that?

* While we're on the topic of Tiana-I'd LOVE to see a Cajun inspired restaurant. One word-beignets.

* Make use of all that dead space in Tomorrowland. How about a Wall-E themed or Tron inspired ride or experience? And don't forget Monsters Inc. 2 is coming out in 2013.

* Do SOMETHING with the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. ANYTHING.

Animal Kingdom
Next up we have Animal Kingdom. The announcement of Disney's collaboration with James Cameron, to create an Avatar themed land inside the park, caused some very mixed reviews. Most of the negative ones came from all those people who saw it in 3-D and can still remember the headache they got from it. It was questioned what this new addition would even bring. First thing I thought of, was a ride similar to Soarin' but replaced with those dragon/pterodactyl things. No-not like a pterodactyl carousel, but perhaps a laying down hang glider type experience. 3-D, motion and wind-enough to make you lose your ostrich-I mean turkey leg lunch. They could slap it back there in that train wreck that is Dinoland and blend it quite nicely.

But alas-the rumors are-it's on the scrap heap. I like to believe, that if it's true, it happened something like this:
James Cameron to Joe Rhodes "This is my idea for Avatar Land."
Joe Rhodes to James Cameron "Your idea sucks James. Not gonna happen. This is MY park sucker."
Yeah, even in my imagination-Joe Rhodes is one bad mama-jama.

Hollywood Studios
Some interesting rumors here. A new MuppetsVision 3D Movie. There is also a really awesome rumor (IMO) that we will see a Monsters Inc. ride-perhaps a roller coaster even.  Fantasmic is being tinkered with. I HIGHLY doubt it will be scrapped or replaced, but you gotta think that it's costing them a small fortune to run it. So I expect that the fire elements will be replaced with lights? Shot in the dark on that one lol.

Here's what I'd like to see over there:

* Cars Land. California Adventure has it-we need it.

* Revamp/Replace the Backlot Tour. I like it, but it needs something. Maybe it's just taking up valuable real estate and needs to go?

* Bring back the Toy Story Parade. It was fun, it was interactive, it was one of 2 parades I'd actually stand and watch at WDW.

* I'd love to see something UP inspired in that park. Still working that out in my mind-Disney imagineers, I will get back to you on that.

* This one is gonna get me flamed but, I think a Roger Rabbit themed dining experience could be TONS of fun. Just think about it for a minute...

Epcot is the park I get most excited about, because they have so much room to play with here. TONS of unused/under-used space, in my opinion. The issue here, seems to be sponsors. They want one for everything it seems, in this park. After much rumor, it has been confirmed that Test Track is getting a face lift. There was a rumor they were getting a new sponsor-but it looks like Chevy is still in there. But an even better rumor-the new design will tie into Tron somehow. There is also a rumor that Soarin' will get an expanded movie, perhaps including some of Disney's other parks in the "visit". Instead of just flying over to California and seeing Disneyland & California Adventure, guests might be treated to views of other Disney parks, such as Disney Tokyo & Disney Paris. Here's my thought on that-know the Star Tours revamp? Where each time you ride, it's a different experience? Yup-you're welcome Disney. No charge for that idea, but I do accept gifts.

Here's what I would like to see happen in Epcot:

*ADD MORE COUNTRIES TO WORLD SHOWCASE! I'm a foodie-this should not surprise you.

So that's it, just my Tuesday morning musings and the fun of stirring the pot a wee bit. But I want to know-what changes, revamps would YOU like to see at Disney World parks?

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  1. I totally agree with you on the Magic Kingdom ideas!! I've only been to Disney World once but I've been to Disneyland many times and can relate to some of them. Tom Sawyer's island NEEDS to be updated. I can't even remember anything special about it when I went in there as a kid. I also love the idea for the river boat to be Princess and the Frog related. That movie was so cute, they need to give it some more attractions. Also, a Wall-E attraction in Tomorrowland would be perfect!!

    I agree that with the amount of space available in Disney World, they should do some re-vamping. Disneyland is getting very slim in their options to expand. I think they're mainly focusing on California Adventure now, since they're starting to make some of the dead areas more San Francisco-like and adding Cars Land.