Friday, July 8, 2011

Fruity Drink Fridays

For this weeks installment, I am doing something a bit different. Normally I pass on a recipe for a drink but today I am recommending a great product I recently discovered. The great thing about this product is that it is probably the easiest recipe I have-or will-post. It's easy, delicious and fun. So without further ado I give you...


So here's the story: We were recently delighted to try Wine-a-Rita at a wine festival at a local winery. I am going to be honest and say-I was skeptical. I had heard of beer-ritas, and was not a fan, but I decided to give Wine-a-Rita a chance. And I am so glad I did. Wine-a-Ritas are a tart, not overly sweet, a bit grapey, frosty, tasty concoction. They are easy to make and even easier to drink. We ended up buying a Wine-a-Rita Wine Glace drink mix and a lovely bottle of wine to make Wine-a-Ritas at home. 

The bag we bought from our local winery.

So after enjoying ourselves again with our home batch, I hit me that others would enjoy this great product as much as we did. So I contacted the awesome ladies at Wine-a-Rita, to see if they minded me using their product for my next installment of Fruity Drink Friday. I had the pleasure of hearing back from Judy, the co-owner & creator of Wine-a-Rita. She is a doll and not only gave me her blessing to use their product & link to it, but also sent me a sample pack with the original Wine Glace, as well as their new products: Peach Bellini, Cosmo-Rita, Berry Pom-a-Rita &the Skinny Senorita. Now don't get me wrong-I was over-the-moon when my sample box arrived, and I am so looking forward to trying each product,but I would still have happily recommended this product, even if all Judy sent me was her blessing. The product it that good & I firmly believe in telling everyone I know about stuff I like :)

Wine-a-Ritas are a premix that you add to your favorite bottle of wine & ice and mix in your blender. That's it-it's just that easy. Now I know you're thinking-"Yeah but I bet you need one of those fancy slushy machine things right?". Nope-a plain old boring blender will do the job. Why? Because the geniuses at Wine-a-Rita, Donna & Judy, created a mix that somehow magically slushifies (is that a word? I don't care) itself. All you do is put a bottle of your favorite wine & the Wine Glace in a blender and blend until the mix dissolves, then add ice and mix until smooth, and-POOF! You have a Wine-a-Rita. 

My boring blender-proof this requires no special equipment lol.

So after all that, you want to know where to get it right? Click here to visit the Wine-a-Rita site and learn more about these two fabulous ladies and their company. To find the them on Facebook click here-they are doing a give away-their 2,000th 'Like' wins a Mix it Up pack :) To order, if you can't find Wine-a-Rita at your local winery, or wine shop, I recommend Amazon. Another company I really like-even if that 'One-Click" shopping is dangerous. Just type in Wine-a-Rita and order away! Trust me-you'll be glad you did :)


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