Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mini Food Review: Citricos Arancini Appetizer

Arancini - Crispy Risotto with Crimini Mushrooms, Asiago, and Charred Tomato Coulis $10.00

This appetizer sounds simple, almost too simple. And hey who can't make fried balls of rice-right? Wrong. This dish begins with a very important skill-making rice properly. I know, you think I'm being dramatic, but I'm really not. Because if not prepared properly, you end up with gluey, heavy balls of something you would rather give your kid to play with than eat.These wonderful little rice gems are light and the texture is defined and not at all glue-like. The sharpness of the cheese cuts through the fried food element, which is not in the least bit greasy.The earthiness of the crimini mushrooms give the dish a foundation and adds a nice earthy quality. Finished off with the slight acidity of the tomato coulis, this dish is an example it complementing flavors and knowing what your doing. It is approachable and delicious.

*This dish varies and at times will have a little bite-sized piece of ground sausage nestled in the center. A most delicious version indeed!

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