Friday, June 10, 2011

Fruity Drink Fridays

Todays' Drink is the Mojito:
If your neck of the woods is as warm as mine has been, this is a great summer drink to sit on your deck and cool off with. I am going to post the classic recipe that I use as well as some great variations.

6-10 Large Mint Leaves
1/4 Fresh Lime
2 oz of White Rum
1 oz Simple Sugar
Splash of Roses Lime Juice
Club Soda (Not Seltzer)

-Muddle (or crush) together the lime, mint & simple sugar together. *Don't own a muddler? That's ok-use the handle of a spoon or other long neck utensil.
-Fill glass with ice
-Add Rum (Why is the Rum always gone?)
-Fill with club soda
-Garnish with mint & fresh lime


Many variations of this drink can be made my substituting various flavored Rums in for White Rum. Examples are:
Pineapple Mojito: Use Pineapple Rum & pineapple mint.
Mango Mojito: Use Mango Rum & a splash of pineapple juice.
Raspberry Mojito: Use Raspberry infused Rum.
Coconut Mojito: Yup you guesses it-use any one of the delicious Coconut Rums available & a splash of unsweetened coconut milk or water. 

Have fun with this drink and adjust it to suit your taste buds. And don't be afraid to make these up by the pitcher ;)
****Now for the disclaimer: These recipes DO contain alcohol and should only be consumed by persons of legal drinking age. Please drink responsibly & don't drink and drive. Lisa Ruiz & Disney Ala Carte are not responsible for any damage to person(s) or property, or loss of life that result from over consumption or abuse of these recipes. Got it? Not for kids, don't drink & drive, and be responsible :)

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