Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Disney A La Carte Sweepstakes

So here it is folks, our first sweepstakes. It's to get the word out about Disney A La Carte and also as a "Thank You" to our current readers. The prize is this Disney cookbook-"Cooking with Mickey & the Disney Chefs".

I actually own a copy of this book and am really enjoying working my way through it trying to recreate the recipes at home. I will send you your own brand new copy for your own bookshelf :)

So it's really simple, you don't have to write an essay or submit pictures. We might try something like that later, but for now here's are the ways you can win this book. Different actions will get you entries into the sweepstakes, and I tried to offer as many ways to enter through various social media outlets as possible. Here are the ways you can earn entries in the sweepstakes. Do one do them all-it's up to you :)

Get 1 entry for doing the following:
*Go to my blog by clicking here (or if you're already here) & click the Follow Me button.
*Next verse, same as the first-except Click to Follow Me on Twitter
*Comment on any blog post
*Retweet a tweet by Disney A La Carte (That just sounds funny lol)

Get 3 entries by doing the following: 
*Follow me by Email or add me to your RSS feed
*Get a friend to follow me on Facebook. (Have them mention you in a post so I can give you credit)
*Tweet about the sweepstakes using the hashtag #DALCSweeps

Get 5 entries by doing the following:
*Get a friend to Follow Me by either email or on the blog (Again they have to let me know-they can do that by commenting at the end of this post-which will get them another sweepstakes entry too! :D )

Get 10 entries by doing the following:
*Go to my website here and request a FREE, No Obligation Disney vacation quote

As much as I'd like to just have fun with this-I gotta cover my bum, so here they are, the fine print:

Rules & Conditions:
1) Contest runs 14 days from  9am 9/6/11-midnight 9/20/11
2) Earn as many or as few as you like
3) Must be 18or older-sorry by there's laws and stuff about this kind of thing
4) Entries will go into a pot and winner will be drawn at random. 
5) Any person already following the blog will automatically be entered to win
6) Contest subject to change, but any entries will be notified of any changes made
7) I reserve the right to add to or modify this is there's something I forgot.
8) This is solely the action of me-Lisa Ruiz & Disney A La Carte and is not in any way connected, associated, sponsored or sanctioned by Disney or Pixie Vacations in any form or fashion.
9) Any questions, comments, etc can be directed to Lisa@SnapshotGetaways.com


  1. Looks like a great book...and I love how it matches your website! :)

  2. Hahaha! That was totally unintentional Dissneemomma!! Good catch!

  3. I soooo want this.

    Lynn Green Brooks

  4. I signed up via my email to follow you, and added you to my facebook. I am new to all this blog information so if I were to win, not sure how you would know it is me?? I have a yahoo account, so I did add myself with that, but used my msn account for the other stuff.... Eeks. Confusing. And to help you out, you will be deleted on the Disboards if you post because you are advertising, but may be able to ask them to PM you for information. Hope that tip helps you.

  5. Skdk833-Hello & Welcome! If you want to, you can send me a quick email at LisaR@pixievacations.com and just let me know your handles & an email I can contact you on and I will give you credit for everything all in one place. But that's only if the different ways you signed up have different sign in names/email addresses.
    Thanks for the DIS tip. I spoke to a Mod before I posted. I figure they will let me know if they don't want it there :)