Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Adventures By Disney Destinations

For those of you not familiar with Adventures By Disney a little bit of information on Disney's take on the world of guided tours.

Launched 7 years ago, Disney created a new kind of guided tour. One where you're not forced to choose between the stress of planning an overseas trip & the mind-numbing people herding of  "Get on the bus. Get off the bus." offered by other tour companies.Want to stay for a few extra minutes to take pictures at the Louvre? Sorry-you're scheduled to be back on the tour bus at 12:13 sharp!

With Adventures by Disney, it's more like getting a tour by a local friend. Someone who knows all the ins & outs of their city. All the local secrets and history. But even better-your friend has connections. With ABD (Adventures By Disney), you don't just visit the Louvre, as you take in the some of the worlds greatest art, the kids-or junior adventurers are going on a treasure hunt through the Louvre with their guide. Then everyone meets back up for a private dinner INSIDE the Louvre. In Italy you don't just go out for pizza, with ABD you go to a local farm where they make the cheese and make your own pizza for lunch.

It's the Disney's attention to detail that make these tours a completely amazing experience. Disney takes care of everything-from world class accommodations, to meals, transportation & transfers, and even gratuities (*except your tour guide which Disney let's you decide). They even have native speaking guides so there's no worries about a language barrier.

To be honest, I was never a fan of guided tours. I am a pretty confident traveler and never felt the need to have someone hold my hand. But my view of ABD is instead of holding my hand, my guide gets me backstage passes to a side of my destination choice I would have never seen on my own.

Some of the exciting destinations coming in 2012:

"Greek Odyssey: Athens, Santorini & Crete"
"Espirt de France"
"Discovery Down Under" tour which now includes a visit to Tasmania
And the return of the "Pyramids, Pharaohs & Ancient Treasures" tour to Egypt

Disney offers a total of 22 exciting destinations, across the world. While not an inexpensive trip option, they are premium experiences and extremely all-inclusive. But as someone who has traveled to Europe before, I can tell you that you can easily spend as much if not more money and not get the completed immersive experience you will with Adventures By Disney. Truly an amazing product. Of course-it's Disney ;)

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