Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The first post is the hardest...

So I had all this witty, high-brow, and somewhat deep stuff written for my first blog post. Something that delved into my hopes and dreams for this blog. I offered theories on my mild (ahem) obsession with Disney, and even a few excuses why travel & food sometimes lead me to less than responsible budget decisions. But then it hit me-it's about Disney, it's about travel & leisure and it's about food & eating and the joy brings-and I was taking the whole thing wayyy too serious. This blog will be no fun if I strangle the life out of it by over-thinking it. And the one thing I want for & from this blog-is for it to be fun.

So here's the plan. This blog will be a medley of ideas most generally about travel, but more specifically about food & dining, beverages & spirits, recipes, reviews, destinations and of course- Disney. It will be about the things that make me happy-and hopefully, if you have found your way here-make you happy too. So without further ado, here is- Disney ala Carte. Cheers!

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